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  • When you join our website you will have access to my magic carpet yoga classes for kids. You and your child can follow along as we take a mindful journey to places such as a forest, ocean or secret garden. Through yoga poses, we are able to imitate things they notice on their journey such as Tree Pose, Sun Pose, and Mountain Pose. The journey continues through a mindful visualization. In this meditation, children breathe, relax and feel the earth, sun and light through their body as they move energy up and down and allow the body to completely unwind. Interwoven in each class is a messages such as, positive thinking, gratitude, joy and love. As always we end the class with “you are a bright and shining star”
  • We also have mindful parenting tips for parents such as setting an intention, making gratitude a habit and other simple steps and ideas to add a positive vibration to our homes.
  • For fun we will show you our mindful craft ideas….making gratitude journals, coloring mandalas and making a nature table to name a few.
  • There will be meditations that will help your child relax and drift off to a peaceful sleep.

You Will Gain Access to the Following Videos and More

*New videos to be added regularly 

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Med rainbow

Life is a Rainbow is a guided meditation, walking the listener through stages of relaxation and peace. Listening to this meditation before bedtime will help you and your children create fulfilling thoughts about love, perfect for a good night’s sleep!

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