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    Kathy Walsh's newest parenting guide is the perfect companion to Raising Peaceful Kids. 30 Days to a Mindful Home is a workbook and guide for every family to start making their home a more mindful and peaceful space. Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine will help both parents and children live a more joyful and balanced life.
  • GMW_blog
    "Good Morning World...I can be everything that I want to be," Kathy Walsh writes in her inspiring new children's book. Beautiful illustrations complement the message that every day brings limitless possibilities when you believe in yourself. The trees and animals set the stage to allow children be their best selves. This book will ignite self-confidence in everyone who reads it!
  • Gratitude_Cover
    Gratitude is a Funny Thing encourages children to live each day with gratitude and how to learn to listen to their intuition. By being appreciative of everything around them, they will find that they see the world as a more beautiful place, which will in turn, make their own lives much happier.
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  • Rainbow_Cover
    Life Is a Rainbow helps children learn how to make thinking and living positively a daily habit. This books helps teach them that if they send love and joy out into the world around them, and believe in themselves, it will come back to them and affect their own lives in a very positive way.
  • Love_cover
    The award winning book Love is the Moon, the Stars and the Sky is a children's book that shows kids how to bring love into their daily lives. Love. It's all around you and when you give it out, it will come back to you. A wonderful message to teach kids to approach the world in a loving, peaceful way and to carry that love with them every day. This book includes fun activities for parents to do with their children to reinforce these messages.
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    The Joyohboy Book series gives children the tools they need to lead a more peaceful balanced life. Children learn to connect with their hearts, think positively, and to express their feelings. "My Mindful Book of ABCs" is a fun and easy way to incorporate a message of mindfulness and gratitude into every day!
  • RPK_cover
    Raising Peaceful Kids parenting guide gives parents the tools to raise children in a mindful and compassionate way. In a busy, digital world this book helps parents lead their children to live a more peaceful, balanced life. These simple steps help parents connect children to their hearts, think positively, and to express their feelings. The companion illustrated children’s books, songs and meditations reinforce the message of gratitude and joy.
  • Tara_cover_new
    Tara's Message is Hope. Losing loved ones is a sad experience that everyone goes through at some point in their lives. Reading Tara's Message will fill anyone who has lost a friend, relative or animal with hope, peace and the comfort of knowing that this message from an angel is for all of us.
  • Balloon_cover
    The Bright Blue Balloon is a book that teaches children it is important not to keep your feelings bottled up inside, but to think about them and acknowledge them. Through the ups and downs of that process, they can develop a self-awareness and allow themselves to be human, feel things, and then be able to let them go and experience the lightness and joy that brings to their lives.
  • Elephant_Cover_Blog
     Today an Elephant I Will Be connects children to their animal guides. As they search for peace they realize that peace is an inside job. Peace is a feeling, as they look into the eye of the elephant they see peace that carries them through the day.