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19 07, 2017

Add Mindfulness to Your Bedtime Ritual

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Bedtime is the perfect time to add a little mindfulness to your routine. After a long, tiring day for both parents and children, bedtime is often the thing that can connect and calm the family. Adding a little bit of time unwinding at the end of the day as a family can make drifting off [...]

19 06, 2017

Forget The Freshman 15, It’s Now The Trump 15

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It’s Friday night and I’m sitting in bed wondering what tomorrow might bring. Tomorrow is Saturday. If you don’t know what happens on Saturday morning you’re not paying attention. It’s when President 45 is left alone long enough to tweet whatever comes into his mind. And tweet he does. He says the most outlandish things. [...]

2 06, 2017

How to Create the Most Mindfully Blended Family Ever

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f you’ve been divorced, you are probably beginning to experience the struggles of welcoming another person into your life. Whether you both have kids, you have kids but your new partner doesn’t, or vice versa, it can be hard at times to make a blended family work. The harsh truth about a blended family is [...]

8 03, 2017

Set the Tone for 2017 by Focusing on Mindfulness

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Everyone has their own set of New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight, eat healthier, spend less, travel more, get a new job — the list is endless. But how often are these resolutions actually accomplished? More often than not, resolutions are hung out to dry before the end of February. The reason these resolutions fail is [...]