Finding the Light in the Darkness This Holiday Season

2016 has been one whirlwind of a year. Between the politics, the media, and our own personal lives, it’s been interesting for everyone. For many, 2016 has been an excruciatingly difficult year. Regardless of the circumstances, there is always a light. It is up to us to find that light and keep it lit throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.

Finding your own personal light doesn’t have to include a specific religion, tradition, or practice. It can be as simple as lighting a candle and watching it glow while you reflect on all that you are grateful for. Or, taking the time to write down the positive things that happened to you that day.

Light is a powerful force. It’s a healing force. When we focus on this beautiful energy called light, we can’t help but smile. We see the beauty in our surroundings. We carry that light with us and shine it on others.

Light can be found in the most unlikely of places! Light is at the bottom of a coffee mug after enjoying a fresh cup. Light is found in the laughter of a child playing in the snow. Light is found in symbolic lanterns released at a wedding or remembrance event. Light is found anywhere you look for it. But the key is to look for it. Light can always be found if we make the effort to search for it.

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