Helping the Next Generation To Heal and Make The World a Brighter Place

The day after the election results came in I taught a yoga, mindfulness and meditation class to a group of ten-year-old girls. The minute they walked in, I knew this class was going to be different. I knew that I was hurting, shaken to my core but I did not realize how much impact this divisive election had on these kids. They walked into the room with some intense energies and emotions. They were scared, unsure, worried and wondering how we elected such a mean man as president. They were asking when we could impeach him.

We started the class by breathing in peace and breathing out love but they could not do it. They were too vulnerable to be in their bodies. So first we had to feel the pain. We practiced a wave, a wave of emotions flowing over them and out their feet. They began to unwind. Next we danced, we moved, we painted imaginary rainbows. I told them they were amazing and that they were bright and shining stars. They knew that I meant it and as we progressed through the class these beautiful children started to open their hearts again. They laid down to meditate and I covered them with blankets. Their pain was palpable; I could not fix it. They had a markedly long meditation. They were so calm and peaceful it gave me hope for this next generation. They really don’t want to fight, be mean, bully or be bullied. This election showed us all, even the kids, a pattern that we no longer want to support. Now that we see this clearly how to we help the next generation to heal, be kind, compassionate and loving human beings.

How do you help your own kids deal with this pain?

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